I'm Tamas Erdodi, visual artist from Szeged, Hungary.

After 15 years of digital and 3D illustration, I found my true passion in capturing impressions and feelings with traditional painting

My name, Tamas Erdodi, takes on a different rhythm in Hungarian, written as Tamás Erdődi and pronounced as 'Tamash Air-dur-dee'.


My journey from pixels to the pigments

I love mixing creativity with logic.

While I initially pursued marketing at school, I soon realized it wasn't my calling. In my free time I’ve spent countless hours learning 3D and digital image manipulation techniques. When an internship opportunity arose, a creative agency took notice of my skills and invited me to join their team.

Delving deeper into the technicalities of digital artistry, I began to understand the essence behind image-making, nurturing the seed of a visual artist within me.



Over the years, I've had the privilege to contribute to monumental projects worldwide. Despite the precision demanded by commercial work, I found solace in the dreamy, mystical allure of impressionistic art.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of art to not just depict, but to forge profound connections with the beauty that envelops us.

There's something truly special about creating art by hand.


Sharing the Joy

With the arrival of my children, I embarked on a quest for deeper meaning in everyday life.

My journey as a self-taught painter has been enriched by the wisdom gleaned from friends, mentors, and countless experiments.

While I could delve into the intricacies of my artistic philosophy, color choices, or subjects, I find greater inspiration in sharing my thoughts through video format. Explore the latest insights on my blog or YouTube channel. Stay updated by subscribing to my artist newsletter!