Visegrad Forest Painting trip

Visegrad Forest Painting trip

During the summer, I embarked on a solo journey to the Visegrád Hills, an area teeming with natural beauty. The idea was sparked by a friend's suggestion to visit the Arboretum.

Visegrad Forest

What I expected to be a leisurely walk turned into a hefty hike. Carrying my painting gear, I braved the bugs and the challenge, finding the experience utterly rewarding.

The Arboretum, with its ancient trees nestled in a valley, felt like a step into another era. Within the wild garden, the diverse species were meticulously organized, yet one area stood out as especially memorable—the pines. Here, the aroma of pine was strikingly intense, surpassing any fragrance I had encountered before. This unforgettable scent, both potent and fresh, was evocative of the richness of summer fruits at their zenith.

The landscape unfolded with rolling hills and a captivating waterfall.

I ventured through a valley where the river itself was the path, adding a unique twist to my adventure.

At the Kaan Spring, the water was crystal clear, offering a serene moment to look back and admire the sunset filtering through the leaves.

My visit to the Visegrád Hills was an adventure that engaged all my senses. The beauty of the place, especially the enchanting Arboretum with its scenic hikes and the crisp smell of pine, left a lasting impression. It was a powerful reminder of nature's ability to inspire awe and rejuvenation, especially when explored alone with an artist's heart.


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