I'm a creative illustrator with strong 3D background.
After working in a creative agency environment for 5 years on different video, branding, online, 3D and visualisation projects in 2012 I started full time freelancing. During the last years I had the opportunity to work with international clients from all over the world with great success! 
Over the years my interest switched from pure 3D realism to more dreamy, whimsical and painterly styles. If a project requires I can easily use 3D techniques (after 12 years experience in that field) but if possible I like to finish my images with more artistic touches, sometimes imitating natural-traditional brushstrokes depending on what could fit for the actual piece.
As our family grew now I have 2 little boys who are making my days bright and fun. Because of them I got into picturebooks. 
My goal is to create long lasting inspiring, happy and storytelling images what could teach them and others or at least can have positive vibe - we have too much negativity in this world. 
Take a look at my portfolio to see the colorful references I've made.

Illustrator / Concept Artist / Art Director

Software skills:
Cinema 4D 10+ years, Blender 3D 1 year
Adobe Photoshop 10+ years, Adobe After Effects 5+ years
Thank you!
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